Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Where Can I Find More Information?

Global warming is a very compelling issue; therefore, I feel that research and supplemental reading are essential to fully understanding this complex issue. I have provided links to reputable sites that I find informative and helpful in understanding and learning more about global warming.

The following sites provide foundational knowledge of global warming, explaining what it is and what is causing it.

Although global warming is such a formidable threat and may therefore seem beyond our control, there are many things we can do to prevent excess greenhouse gas emission, air pollution, and the increase in climatic temperature! The following sites show how.

Voluntary preventative action is imperative to the wellness of our atmosphere. Unfortunately, many people are either ignorant of the magnitude of the threat global warming poses, are uninformed of how to prevent it, or simply do not care. Therefore, federal enforcement of environmental action is becoming more necessary as the threat increases. The following sites provide information on legislation that has been drafted, considered, passed, or rejected.

These sites will educate you to the point of being proficient in climatic issues. Only when we are educated about global warming can we work to prevent it. Learn with me, so that together we can make a difference.


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