Thursday, November 1, 2007

Class Links

I believe that in order to establish a firm opinion on a subject, one must have a sound knowledge of the topic and its concepts from more than one perspective. The purpose of this post is to provide you links with different perspectives of the issue of global warming. You have read my perspective, now I will link you to others so that you may have a firm foundational knowledge. From this knowledge, you may base a position on how you stand in the issue of governmental action in the fight against global warming.

In his blog Global Warming: Yes or No, Joe Smith provides persuasive, well-rounded arguments and helpfully informative sources that prove the existence of global warming, its threat to us and our environment, and why it is happening. The reputable sources, confident tone, and logical appeal leave the reader with little doubt that global warming is indeed occurring, and is a threat that will only increase if not addressed. Joe presents his arguments in a way that is not offensive to readers of different perspectives.

Deforestation is another greatly informative blog worth visiting. Through utilization of pathetic appeal, Ryn captivates the reader, increasing the awareness of the occurrence and threat of deforestation. In her blog, you will find information on how deforestation affects our lives, wildlife, and the impact it has on global warming. Her post "Deforestation Adds to Global Warming! AHHHHH!!!" is a particularly moving, and even I was unaware of the information presented in this post! This blog is definitely a site I recommend for anyone wishing to learn more on deforestation, a contributing factor to global warming.

The final blog I recommend is not directly related to global warming, but it highlights the indecisive nature of the government which I have briefly addressed in my blog. Church and State: Is it Really Separated? is a blog which concentrates on the fact that church and state are not entirely separated, but that religion and morals actually do impact the legislation and decisions made by the American government. Global warming is a very emotionally provoking topic, and the solutions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions carry many consequences; thus, the government has a difficult time agreeing on a solution because in each one, someone must make sacrifices. Similarly, the government is biased morally because it does not want to offend the values and beliefs of those whom they govern. Vilese11 provides supportive background knowledge and a sound argument that clarifies the motives of the government, which may very well explain its indecisive nature.

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