Friday, October 19, 2007

Kerry- Snowe Global Warming Reduction Act

Drafted by senators John Kerry and Olympia Snowe, the Global Warming Reduction Act "requires that the U.S. freeze emissions in 2010 and then calls for a gradual reduction each year to 65 percent below 2000 emissions levels by 2050." Furthermore, the Act requires direct involvement of American citizens, requiring them to reduce exhaust emission; to use more renewable energy sources; for communities to evaluate their "vulnerability" to climatic change based on the community's harmful emissions and energy- consuming lifestyles, and how to prepare for such a change. This evaluation would follow the guidelines of a National Climate Change Vulnerability and Resilience Program. The Act also calls for technology advancement that would promote the utilization of cleaner energy consumption.

This Act would result in drastic, immediate decline of greenhouse gas emissions, and would require much sacrifice from American citizens. In order to completely eliminate the emission of anthropogenic greenhouse gases Americans would not be able to live life as we do now- airplanes, trains, and vehicles would not be allowed to be used. Since there would be no mode of transporting merchandise and goods, stores and factories would close. Schools, workplaces, and even hospitals would all have to run off alternative energy, which tends to be slightly less efficient and more expensive due to scarcity. Therefore, I declare this proposal unobtainable in modern American society. America is among the most industrially and technologically advanced nations in the world; this title would be lost without enormous consumption of scarce resources for energy.

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