Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Theory on Why the Government Cannot Agree on Climate- Friendly Legislature

If the solution to global warming was easily obtained, it would not be such a controversial issue. Each draft of legislation proposed carries a consequence which scares government officials into opposition. The Kerry- Snowe Global Warming Reduction Act, for example, would be very effective in reducing greenhouse gas emission, but has too many drawbacks to be enforced. The Kyoto Protocol, if followed as it was drafted, would result in a significant reduction of greenhouse gases; however, President Bush recognized ways in which it was "fundamentally flawed" and withdrew.

Global warming is a formidable issue, and there are many ways to approach it. Avoiding national action is not an effective way to combat the threat. Weighing out the benefits and consequences of proposed solutions is always a good idea; however, I believe that as the climate increases at such a dramatic rate, it would be an even better idea to face the consequences and pass laws that would reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Anonymous said...

i agree that national action is needed, and not just from the US. Politicians need to realize that global warming is above politics, and stop playing games to appease everyone, because that is never going to happen.