Sunday, October 14, 2007

Al Gore Wins Nobel Prize

Friday, October 12, former Vice President Al Gore was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway, <>. Gore and the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change won the prize for spreading the awareness of and bolstering the fight against the threat of global warming. His recent documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, is just one example of his method of spreading the word of global warming and what we can do to alleviate the threat. Watch the movie trailer of An Inconvenient Truth at <>.
Ignoring any political bias one may have in support of or against Al Gore, I believe that the award was justifiably given. I believe that Gore deserves the honor of the Nobel Prize for his efforts in creating public awareness of the threat of climate change. It is a threat to everyone, not just one nation or two, but to the world united. Just as past Nobel Prize winners, who can be found at <>, have been awarded the prize for their altruistic action for the improvement of our world, Al Gore's genuine and unbiased actions named him the rightful prizewinner.


footescientist said...

Many people are saying that it is ridiculous for Al Gore to be recieving the Noble Peace Prize for his politicized movie production. However, Al Gore, as stated above, was a joint recipient of the award basically for the creation of his organization. The movie "An Inconvienent Truth" was published under Al Gore, but his work extends much further than the medium of pronouncing global climate change. To those who say that his work will not lead to greater world peace; you are incorrect. A lot of conflict in hot (pun) zones of the world is centered around natural resources as simple as wood, water and other forms of flora/fauna. Climate change will radically change the global distribution of these resources, and could produce more conflict over dwindling supplies of common resources. Known as the "Tragedy of the Commons," this situation could potentially threaten the peace and stability of regions of the world. The awarding of the Noble Peace Prize to Al Gore's organization is therefore justified not only on its impacts on the physical environment of the earth, but also due to its potential to avoid future conflict.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Al Gore does deserve the prize. His movie is not the only effort he has made to make changes to help the environment. However, he could be an even better example if his own personal jet rides weren't increasing carbon emissions.

Anonymous said...

Environmentalists have been fighting American apathy on this topic for decades. And despite the fact that the ones who are truly activists make their presence known, the majority of Americans want to sit back and not worry about their impact on the environment. Regardless, Al Gore is a conveniently (pun) prominent figure to receive the award. Frankly, his being one of the recipients diminishes the prestige of the award. It is a good cause to be sure, but why is his group so much better than other environmental groups? Political prominence. Sigh, even now, America is still apathetic and still don't respect Al Gore.

Mike said...

I believe Al Gore deserved to win the 2007 Nobel Piece Prize. He certainly was successful in making the public more aware of a problem we continue to overlook everyday: Global Warming.
I've watched his movie, An Inconvenient Truth, and he certainly demonstrates the level of importance in which everyone needs to address the issue of global warming. He uses graphical and statistical analysis to show trends that predict our future regarding global warming: Glacial melting that causes dramatic increase in sea level, resulting in various parts of the world being completely underwater.
I feel like the purpose of making this movie was met, which is define global warming and make more people aware of how detrimental global warming will be if we don't do something about it now. However, I feel this movie had some flaws. For example, Gore brings his personal life into this movie as he talks about his child almost dieing from being hit by a car. He also talks about his childhood. How does this parallel with global warming?
As I read your post, I can tell you've done some research, however in your last sentence, one word catches my eye: genuine. What are some genuine actions Al Gore demonstrated through his movie? I do realize that he was unbiased because he's only taking a stand on what he believes is true.
I end this comment with my take on global warming: I completely agree with Gore. We need to do something about global warming. Human actions, such as abusing combustion fuels, are obviously causing a dramatic increase in global warming. We have the responsibility of taking care of our planet and providing a great environment for generations to come. It's time to take a stand and save our planet from it's terrible future.

Anonymous said...

coming from someone who can't even stand the sound of al gore's voice (he speaks as though he's talking to a group of first graders), i guess i will have to respect him for being the environmentalist that he is. he really couldn't lose on this topic because it is such a "hot" topic and has become a topic that even the meterologists and climate experts are all agreeing on. good job, and yes, sometimes it does take a good salesperson to sell an idea to the world.... and to the first graders .