Sunday, November 4, 2007

Self- Analysis

When I began this blog site, I did not realize how ignorant I was of how controversial the issue of global warming actually was from a governmental perspective. On one hand, the government wants to address this occurrence that is threatening the health of its nation, but on the other hand, any remedial legislature carries much sacrifice in order to be effective. Furthermore, I did not realize how much legislation had already been considered. As global warming becomes ever more threatening, it is imperative that the government become involved, because voluntary action is less effective than I was aware of. We cannot make this change towards environmentally safe lifestyles alone; we need the help of the government to force the unwilling, unmotivated people in our society who ignore the signs of global warming. Although the issue is becoming increasingly more popular in the media, there are still many people who do not believe that global warming is occuring, nor do they realize the magnitude of the threat it presents. Upon completion of this blog, I am more aware now than I was before of how much global warming actually affects us, and the potential disaster if we do not take imminent action. If America stands strongly united, we can reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, and we can fight this battle with global warming.

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